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Winners Circle Trade Show Booth made with sheets of latex balloons glued together

———————————————————————– “Even as good as this award winning trade show booth design is, it can be built easier, faster and stronger if we Just Rouse It” with these 4 tips. ———————————————————————- THIS DESIGN This booth won a top award for design at a large trade show some years ago. In fact, it is was so far …

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A QUICK LOOK AT “FAST” MadeWithBalloons™

RE-A-L™ Balloon Art Is 'FAST" illustration / icon

. A QUICK LOOK AT “FAST” MadeWithBalloons™ —  by Graham Rouse  — . This is a quick look at how to decorate with balloons faster, A LOT FASTER! These tools and techniques do not apply to every job, of course. They do apply to many decorating projects . Once you start using the RE-A-L™ tools and techniques …

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WORLD FLAGS MadeWithBalloons™ For Profit & Practice

“FLAGS ARE A NATURAL WITH RMS™.”  by Mary Queen Rouse Flags MadeWithBalloons™ are a great way to work on your RMS balloon graphic design skills, to improve those skills and to enhance your balloon decorating profits.  Many flag designs are straight forward and quite simple. Customers love flags. A flag makes customers feel as if …

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