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Whooo, Whooo, 
Toot, Toot” MadeWithBalloons™

It was a fantasy come alive for the children (and I think for the adults, too).  It was a University of South Carolina sponsored  event to celebrate children’s education. The Library Train brought in refreshments. Books were on display as well.  A lot of children wanted to play engineer.

Standard tables served as the basic structures. We covered them with yellow and red sheets of corrugated plastic.  The smaller wheels were Geo balloons. The “coal car” was full of small round balloons.

The red engine was a cylinder made from whole RMS Banners. The face on the front was a 3′ Smiley balloon. The green “Cow Catcher” along with the engineer’s cabin and yellow smoke stack were shapes cut from RMS Banners.

It was a colorful and delightful display. And, we were able to save the corrugated plastic for other projects later.



You get a good idea of how to make your own custom shapes like the cow catch and smoke stack and engineer’s cabin from this article online:  HOW TO CREATE A CUSTOM SHAPED LOGO MadeWithBalloons™ – IT’S EASY AS (1), (2), (3).   Since this is a sculpture project rather than a flat one, I suggest that you go one step further than suggested in the article.   Build a  three dimensional model of  your design with the RMS Banner graph paper rather than just flat panels.

(2) RouseAPPS™ SIMPLE Technique

The balloons were loaded in pairs in this project with one balloon of each pair being rolled into adjacent openings in the frames. This is a patented technique for use exclusively with official Rouse branded balloon grid frames. It worked beautifully for this project. See the three minute video below for details on how to make it work for you..

(3) RouseAPPS™ FAST Technique

As good as the SIMPLE technique is, there is now one even better for the cylinder that makes up the engine. The patented FAST technique works especially well where you have longer rows of balloons to be loaded. It is also especially helpful where you have curved surfaces like the cylinder.

When balloons are loaded into curved sheets in single layers, the balloons are squeezed on the inside of the curve. This squeeze tries to force the balloons out of the apertures (grid openings) toward the outside of the curves. When you use the FAST technique shown in the video below, simply load the balloons from the inside of the curve. The balloons cannot escape to the outside of the curve.

And did I mention?; When you get good at this technique, it is fast, really FAST!

Now you know how to get started, so, (1) sketch your design on RMS Banner graph paper, (2) get some RMS Banners (3) go build your train. (4) Share pictures right here in the “Leave A Reply” section below.

I will be watching and listening for your Whooo, Whooo, Toot, Toot” MadeWithBalloons™


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