sailboat graphic MadeWithBalloons™ and Rouse-Expand-And-Load™ (R-E-A-L™) Rouse Matrix™ balloon grid frames


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This delightful graphic MadeWithBalloons™ was inspired by a painting.

The balloon graphic was originally designed by Graham and Mary Queen Rouse for the 2002 International Balloons Arts Convention (IBAC). IBAC was, for 20 years, the annual, premier international balloon convention and the precursor to the World Balloon Convention currently held every other year by Pioneer Balloon Company.

Snapshot of the painting that inspired the "Sailing Into Summer" design MadeWithBalloons™The painting to the left, chosen by Rocky Toomey, was the inspiration for the design above. It was one of a group of paintings reproduced with balloons in Rouse Matrix™ Expand-And-Load™ balloon frames for the final night gala gallery of balloon art.

Installed version of "Sailing Into Summer" design MadeWithBalloons™



The final version (9′ by 12′) was installed for the event (to the right) was a simplified version of the design above. 

Many of the “Split Apertures” were sacrificed to save time.


RouseAPPS™ Split Aperture Techniques

refer to a variety of Rouse methods for filling an opening in the Matrix with more than one balloon so that thinner lines could be drawn and curves smoothed out. They can be very effective but do require extra materials and effort.

You may download free instructions for Split Apertures from this link. 

RouseAPPS™ Slit Aperture instructions


RouseAPPS™ SIMPLE Technique

Most balloons were loaded using the Rouse patented SIMPLE technique. Pairs of round balloons are loaded with one balloon of each pair being rolled into adjacent openings. It is very simple and effective but patented for use exclusively with official, Rouse branded balloon grid frames.

Here is a short video on how it is done.


Here is the plan for how the balloons were laid out for  this project using the RouseAPPS SIMPLE Technique. Select the picture to download a full sized copy for review and printing.

plans for sailboat graphic MadeWithBalloons™ and Rouse-Expand-And-Load™ (R-E-A-L™) Rouse Matrix™ balloon grid frames


IBAC 2002 was a great experience and we produced some fine balloon art for the final night gala, but I do wish that we had then the knowledge, skills, balloons and tools we have today. We could have done it all so much more easily and quickly

The Conwin inflators were a great boon then and we still use them today, but the newer versions of the Split Second Dual Sizer are easier to use.

The Rouse Matrix™ we used then was in about the second generation. We are now into the “G-4”, fourth generation. RMS™ G-4 is thinner, lighter, more compact, translucent, holds balloons better, connects more easily and securely, is easy on the hands, costs less in uninflated dollars and comes in a gazillion variations (well, really only 140+, but that is still a lot).

Double-ended balloons such as Link-O-Loons™ and Quick Link Balloons™ were not around.  Bee bodies (#321 balloons) we available but in only one, small size and limited colors. Link-O-Loons™ were just being developed in Mexico and Australia; and Quick Link Balloons™ were still more than a decade away.


RouseAPPS™ FAST Technique

As good as the SIMPLE technique is, there is now an even better technique when you have long rows of balloons to be loaded. This would have worked especially well on our sailboat graphic.

The Rouse patented FAST Technique (“Speed Graphics”) uses strings of double-ended balloons. Each balloon in a string is rolled into the next adjacent opening in a row or column of openings in the Rouse -Expand-And-Load™ (R-E-A-L™) balloon grid frame. Again, this is an application of a Rouse (RouseAPPs™) technique patented for use exclusively with official Rouse branded balloon grid frames.

Loading balloons in long strings is much faster than loading in singles or in pairs. As an added benefit, each balloon is anchored on two ends to another balloon. The result is a display that is more well as faster to construct.

Here is how it is done:


If we had then, the advanced equipment, balloons, expandable frames and FAST techniques of today; we could easily have saved between 50% and 90% of the time we spent loading balloons. And, that would have been a lot of time saved considering the scale of the decorations for the gala.

No telling what marvelous things we might have added to the decor with all those extra man hours.

No telling what marvelous things you might add to your decor or additional profits you might add to your bank account by using these same advances in your balloon work today.

We wish you luck and recommend these resources to help you get under way:


Balloon Walls And Graphics Made Easier & Faster

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Graph Paper for RMS™ Banners to make designs

Conwin inflators and other equipment

Quick Link Balloons™

Link-O-Loons™(select Link-O-Loons™ under “type” in the left hand column).


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