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By Graham Rouse


"Just Rouse It" logo - icon with purpe boarder & f2f7fc cornersSIX SETS OF ROUSE ORIGINAL TECHNOLOGIES For Things MadeWithBalloons™

You WILL advance your balloon art and your balloon business when you use these six sets of Rouse Original tools and techniques appropriately; in other words when you “JustRouseIt™”


(1)  Rouse Internal Balloon Structures – (RIBS)  Rouse Internal Balloon Structures Technology is from 1983.  Patent issued in 1992.

Animation of RIBS (Rouse Internal Balloon Structures) Examples

RIBS (Rouse Internal Balloon Structures) Examples

The most popular forms are known today as “Fantasy Flowers” and “Distortion Techniques”, but it all began with the “play” of a balloon neophyte (Graham Rouse) early in 1983. Graham continues to develop new variations you can use to advance your balloon art and business today.

The Rouse patented version of this “inside out” approach to balloon sculpture involves insertion of tubular elements inside balloons and sealing them to the balloon in such a way that other elements may be inserted and removed from the balloon while it is inflated.

Learn about the beginnings of RIBS (and Fantasy Flowers) in this article: “RIBS For Sculpture MadeWithBalloons™ – How It Began”


(2)  Rouse Roll Balloons – (R0LL) – (Also known as Rouse “Pre-Linked” Balloons) Rouse Roll Balloon technology is from about 1987.  Patent issued in 2009.

Animation of manufacture and possible uses of Rouse ROLL Balloons

Illustration of dance floor canopy made with 21 ROLL balloons that look like 563 balloons.It is a new paradigm for making film balloons that yields rolls of connected balloons. These are yet to arrive on the general balloon market. They promise to have a huge impact on both public and professional balloon décor around the world, because they enable many forms of decorations MadeWithBalloons™ that are novel, bigger, easier, faster, longer lasting and reusable at a low cost.

The ROLL balloon canopy above and to the right is one example of the enormous advance in efficiency possible with ROLL (Pre-Linked) balloons. Currently, it would take 563 standard film balloons to create this design. It could be made with just 21 Rouse ROLL balloons.

Learn more about Rouse Roll Balloons at the blog “Balloons On A ROLL”.

(3)  Rouse Expand-And-Load™ – (REAL) – Rouse Expand-And-Load™ technology is from about 1992. Patent issued Christmas day of 2001.

Expand-And-Load™ animation of Rouse Matrix™ to form a JustRoiuseIt™ elephant MadeWithBalloons™


Here is one example of how the Rouse “Expand-And_load™” concept works:



The most popular forms are Rouse Matrix Systems™ (RMS™) balloon frames. 

They are available in more sizes, more shapes and more grid patterns than any other balloon frames in the world. They are also more compact, weigh less and cost less than any leading competitor.

Even with 140+ configurations, however, we have just begun to explore the possibilities for graphics, sculpture, architecture and general décor MadeWithBalloons™ and REAL balloon frames..

You may check out and purchase 50+ of the most popular RMS™ balloon frames at the Rouse Matrix Store

Find a host of additional resources with a search for “Rouse Matrixonline. Or click “Rouse Matrix” now for instant search results.

(4)  Rouse Aperture Push Through – (RAPT) – Rouse Aperture Push Through (RAPT) technology is from about 1998.  Patent issued in 2006

Balloons are anchored by other balloons pushed through grid openings.. These techniques are not yet generally known in the balloon industry.  They offer simple methods for
…..(1) highly textured and elastic fabrics MadeWithBalloons™
…..(2) easily pose-able figures and sculptures MadeWithBalloons™
…..(3) “balloon zippers” to easily join fabrics MadeWithBalloons™.
..(4) double thick displays MadeWithBalloons™ and single layer grid frames.

Many new techniques will grow out of this original technology over the coming years. Here is one example to get your imagination started:

For a more detailed look at Rouse Double Bubbles read this article: Get Started With RMS™ Double Bubbles

.(5)  Rouse Advanced Aperture Displays – (RAAD) – Rouse Advanced Aperture Displays technology is from 1999. Patent issued 2009.

This is the most comprehensive of technologies for grid frames when they are used to hold balloons inside the openings.

Nearly any balloon frame with balloons held inside openings is covered by this patented technology when

  • (A) balloons are held in the openings by something other than pneumatic pressure of the balloons expanding outward or
  • (B) balloons are held in the openings by pneumatic pressure of the balloons expanding outward in combination with something other than pneumatic pressure of the balloons expanding outward

That covers about 2/3 to 3/4 of the options for balloons displayed inside balloon grid frames.

The array of new balloon techniques that can grow out of this technology is quite enormous. Here is an 80 second introduction to just one of those techniques. We call it Rouse “Speed Graphics”.



(6)  More Rouse Tech –  (MORE) This is the “catch-all” category that includes Rouse innovations that have not been patented. We will share these on other occasions.



The (“BIG SIX”) areas of Rouse Original Technologies discussed above are the launch pad for an even broader range of tools and techniques (“TECHNOLOGIES”)  organized into sets (“SUITES”) of step by step instructions (“APPS™”) for your Success MadeWithBalloons™.  Look for them as “ROUSE CREATIVE SUITES™” (“RCS™”). You will see them more and more around the internet along with opportunities to learn them and to use them to advance your art and business MadeWithBalloons™.

If you have questions or comments or have an interest in classes, webinars, etc. related to topics  discussed here, then please let us know in the comments section below or write me directly at JustRouseIt@gmail.com.



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Graham Rouse
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